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Present and Powerful: A Testimony of God's Working in Medical Missions

by Dr. Mary Broeckert

In the heartwarming memoir, "Present and Powerful," Mary Broeckert, M.D. invites readers on an extraordinary expedition of faith, one that reveals the remarkable power of God and His constant presence in the most unexpected places.

It all began on a humble farm in Michigan, where a young girl named Mary learned the profound impact of surrendering her life to the Lord's will. As she prayed, a fervent desire to accomplish God's purpose for her life ignited, and she soon found herself on a path she could have never imagined.

"Present and Powerful" follows Dr. Mary's incredible life as an overseas missionary doctor, a journey that took her from the vast expanse of the Sahara Desert to a mission hospital in the heart of the Central African Republic, where she became the sole physician serving a vast region. From there, she embarked on an adventure to Cambodia, facing both triumphs and challenges, all the while witnessing God's faithfulness in the most remote and resource-poor settings.

Through the author's engaging storytelling, readers will experience the captivating moments of her childhood, captivatingly intertwined with touching journal entries and letters penned during her years in missions. Stunning photographs provide a visual testament to her life's work and the lives she touched along the way.

This captivating narrative spans decades, transporting readers from the early 1950s to 2017, encompassing continents and countries. The book also details a particularly challenging period when Dr. Mary served in a creative access country for four years, a testament to her unwavering commitment to answering God's call, no matter the obstacles.

Now, in her retirement ministries in the United States, Dr. Mary's heart remains devoted to inspiring others to place their lives in God's unfailing hands. "Present and Powerful" is a heartening reminder that, when we follow a journey of surrender to God, He works through us in ways beyond imagination.

Through this poignant memoir, readers will bear witness to the incredible joy of a willing heart, guided by God's divine hand. Dr. Mary's inspirational tale encourages us all to embrace God's chosen path for us, knowing God can be fully trusted as He leads. As you embark on this remarkable voyage of faith, prepare to be profoundly moved by the miracles that unfold when we surrender to God's extraordinary plan.

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