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In the Sahara

Live in the Sahara desert? Is that really where God is sending our family? No, not merely sending us. He went with us and stayed with us there through every moment. He enabled us to live day after day in extreme heat, sometimes above 110 degrees F. He protected us through thick, blowing sandstorms. He kept us always vigilant for scorpions and did not allow any to sting us. But He did so much more.

The Lord showed us the beauty of the vast expanse of sand and sand dunes. Walking with sandaled feet down the sandy roads of our city and seeing mud-plastered walls and houses, I felt like I was in Palestine of Jesus’ time. I imagined walking near Jesus as He shuffled through the crowds in streets of Capernaum. What a thrill to share in an experience He had here on earth 2000 years ago! Did he sometimes, like us, mount the stairs on the outside of the house to the flat roof to sleep? And gaze at the night’s gorgeous display of bright constellations that his fingers had set in place?

Seeing the nomads with their camel caravans, herds, and flocks brought to mind the people of Abraham’s time. I felt privileged to sit among them, caring for those who were ill. My mind envisioned Jesus stooping down to touch the sick with His healing and love. He talked to them. He told them of the kingdom of heaven. We told these people of the kingdom of God. What a privilege!

As He led through the desert, the Lord drew me closer to Him. I experienced a little more of “the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord,” Philippians 3:8. “Lord, take me anywhere!”