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Meet Jesus in the Gospel of John Leader's Guide (Paperback)

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Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-7325000-8-2

Publish Date: 9/10/2023

Pages: 116

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Note: A FREE download of STUDY QUESTIONS accompanies the purchase of the "Meet Jesus in the Gospel of John Leader's Guide." See page 113 for details.

Discover the Joy of Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John

Are you only vaguely interested in God? Do you know who Jesus truly is? Are you new in your relationship with him by faith? In a world where many women are unfamiliar with who Jesus truly is, “Meet Jesus in the Gospel of John” offers a welcoming path of discovery.

“Meet Jesus in the Gospel of John” is a special Bible study designed just for you. Whether you’re seeking Christ, new to the faith, or just curious, this study is for you. No more feeling left out during discussions or struggling to navigate through the Bible.

Inside “Meet Jesus,” author Jeannie Vogel helps you dive into the first eight chapters of the Gospel of John, one chapter at a time, without having to navigate through the whole Bible. You’ll also find:

  • A comfortable format for group or personal study
  • A Leader’s Guide with answers to the study questions
  • Study questions based on the text itself, with helpful notes for additional references
  • Other questions based on personal experience, allowing everyone to participate, regardless of their previous Bible knowledge
  • Difficult terms explained
  • How to become certain of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and his forgiveness
  • FREE access to reproducible handouts of the study questions

“Meet Jesus in the Gospel of John” is formatted as a Leader’s Guide and is packed with essential tools for leading people to Christ through guided discussions. The guide includes answers to the study questions; “Guidelines for Organizing a Group Study,” “How to Lead a Friend to Christ,” and more. Purchase the Leader's Guide and you're good to go for your group study. FREE access to handouts of the study questions is provided.

This study is your companion in sharing the wonder of faith in Jesus Christ. Dive in and join countless others who have already found salvation through faith in Jesus, or who have deepened their understanding of God’s Word.

Experience the joy and journey of “meeting Jesus” in the Gospel of John.