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Exalted Lord: A Study of Jesus Christ's Exaltation From the Book of Acts (Revised and Updated)

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Format: EPUB or PDF 

Publish Date: 8/13/2023

Pages: 102 pages

Discover why the Apostle Paul gave up everything for the sake of knowing the Exalted Lord. Then go further than ever before in your love for Jesus and grasp the profound significance of his exaltation as Lord.

In Exalted Lord, you will find timeless truths that illuminate the age of Jesus' exaltation and the power of His Lordship. Unravel stories of persecution, testing the Lord, and the dangers of succumbing to Satan's control. Draw upon biblical accounts and profound reflections to gain valuable insights and lessons for today's believers. Receive the fullness of life that comes from trusting in who Jesus is and experience an abundance of grace, power, and transformative impact.

- Explore the consequences of living outside the realm of Jesus' dominion

- Find resilience and joy in embracing the exalted Lord's presence

- Deepen your understanding of Jesus' exaltation and unwavering devotion

- Make better sense of Luke’s overall purpose for his Gospel and the Book of Acts

- Experience life-transforming truths and powerful revelations

Exalted Lord features nine powerful chapters that will challenge you to examine your own life and ministry. This revised and updated edition includes an additional two chapters of "bonus" content at the end, plus a third chapter chocked full of inductive study questions. 

Through captivating stories, this book will equip you to live with unwavering faith and set your heart and mind on the heavenly realm. Buy now to embark on your own journey of faith and be inspired to live in the reality of the exalted Lord's presence and power.