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Meet Jesus in the Gospel of John

(Revised and Updated)

by Jeannie Vogel

Available Sept. 15th. ​Pre-order now with code MEETJESUSBOOK and save 10%


Jesus' First Miracle

If God gave you the power to do miracles, what would you do first? Would you heal the sick? Feed the hungry? Make blind people see? Deaf people hear? Jesus had the power to do all of these and more. But he chose something else first. He knew he must confirm his true identity to his disciples. Otherwise, some of them might never believe, but only follow him around.

Inside Jesus’ First Miracle, find out which miracle Jesus performed ahead of all others; and how it proved that he is the Christ, the Son of God.

In the heartwarming memoir, "Present and Powerful," Mary Broeckert, M.D. invites readers on an extraordinary expedition of faith, one that reveals the remarkable power of God's presence in the most unexpected places.

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One tiny church mouse must find a way to bring Christmas spirit to his little town. When the Parson gets sick and Christmas services are canceled, it’s up to Mouse and his super-sized faith to bring the townspeople together on Christmas Eve in Mouse’s Christmas Gift!

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In the Sahara
Live in the Sahara desert? Is that really where God is sending our family? No, not merely sending us. He went with us and stayed with us there through every moment. He enabled us to live day after day in extreme heat, sometimes above 110 degrees F. H...
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Evi: A Changed Life in Cambodia
It is amazing to see God take us anywhere in the world to serve Him. He shows us His working to bring people to Himself. And He lets us be channels for His message of love, even in Cambodia, Southeast Asia. Evi seldom sm...
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